You are the designer of your future todays

You Can Stop Worrying Now

It is possible. Focus on enjoying today and have FUN. Worrying and making judgments about things will just waste your energy and spoil your day. You can learn to re-direct your thinking and almost magically transform your experience of life.

Be Happy!
Welcome. Here you will discover ideas to explore and eventually master your virtually unlimited powers to shape today and all of your tomorrows in line with what you want. It's a great time to embark on new adventures:


You are the designer of your future todays

Your Mission if YOU Choose to Accept It: Channel the energy of Creation by making LOVE your dominant emotion. Choose to let go of judgment and worry focusing instead on praising and appreciating those things that bring you joy. Imagine into being an evolving and compassionate transformation of consciousness. Moment to moment you can choose to believe and do what you want. We encourage you to write the story for the character you have created take pleases you. You will face challenges but you will discover inspired solutions. This path will provide you with a most satisfying adventure.

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Find out how to make everything OK if you have any doubts about it.

It's Really OK! Judgment is OUT, Appreciation is IN.

To fulfill your full potential in this lifetime, you must recognize your true nature as an unbounded being with direct access to all of Creation. You can find all the answers you will need in your own consciousness. As you learn to access the higher levels of your mind you will find the guidance needed to make your hopes and dreams a physical reality. When you grow to accept this you will be directed by your desire and inspiration along a path of true power. You will then fulfill your destiny as a modern day mystic and a designer of our future in this world.

“It is the higher power which does everything, and the man is only a tool. If he accepts that position, he is free from troubles.” – Ramana Maharishi

To think that your story must be defined by a culture, skin color, or the experiences that have filled your days up until this moment, is an illusion. When you entered this time space reality, you were provided a background story, which came with some default perceptions, about where you found yourself. You may have actually chosen all the parameters for yourself, in the hope of providing the best chance of learning, or experiencing what you wanted. Possibly, you had no particular intent, other than exploration, and discovery, in an evolving physical dimension. Since your awareness and consciousness first found itself in the physical body you now inhabit, you have been pushed by circumstance, and the interaction with other characters, to design a character for yourself. However, even though you may have forgotten, this character is only a made up “you”, that you are pretending to be, for a brief moment in time. The truth is, you are an immortal being of light energy, creating physical worlds for the play of creation, and the entertainment of the story you are weaving through time. That said, now that you are here, it is totally up to you, what you do with your character. You can be a hero, or a villain, a healer, or a tormentor. All the roles have a place in the adventure story. You should recognize that it is through living in the realm of light, compassion, and love, that the greatest personal satisfaction with your current adventure, will come. It has, and will always be, your choice alone, what kind of story you want to live. That choice will generate the challenges, and tools, you find on your path. The best advice is to recognize that, in this moment, you find yourself having the role of a temporary player in what we might call The Gaia Game since we find ourselves on this particular planet. Remember that you are the writer, director, and executive producer of your own adventure story. The thoughts of any other character that comes into your story are not relevant, other than, as clues, to discover that which you seek. Pay attention, – nothing happens by chance. If something happens, you have drawn it to you, to help you move in the direction of your desires. This is your unique and original tale to weave, so stay focused, with your heart as your guide on the path that gives you joy, and you will always find your way.

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